Volunteer Opportunities

We need your help in order to make CAREFEST a successful event!

Opportunities to Volunteer:

  1. AREA COORDINATOR:  Secure coordinators for all areas in your city or designated area.  Communicate to each coordinator their responsibilities.  Meet with coordinators and members of team regularly.  Establish a timeline. Have follow-up evaluation meeting after the event. Work closely with the SCTB office.

  2. PROJECT COORDINATOR:  Work with different groups to identify projects.  You will need a project evaluator to evaluate the projects and fill out paperwork. Once projects have been approved and posted, the project coordinator will direct groups to the website to adopt a project.  Call previous participants, businesses and churches that might adopt a project.  This coordinator will need a team of at least six people to assist at registration CareFest Day. 

  3. PROCUREMENT COORDINATOR:  Work with businesses to obtain in–kind donations of materials for the projects and the food for the celebration.  Have a team member pick up donations and bring them to a central location.  Work with Food Coordinator to obtain items needed.

  4. MEDIA:  Interview volunteers, homeowners, and officials for testimonials on CareFest day.  Take before/after pictures of projects as well as Record and edit videos.

  5. CELEBRATION COORDINATOR:  Oversee all aspects of the celebration; food, music, and registration. Oversee food for the celebration. (Need 6 or more people to help serve). Secure music and equipment for the celebration.   Get 4-6 people to set up everything for the celebration.

  6. PROJECT EVALUATOR:  Evaluates projects submitted to Somebody Cares.  Complete project forms and compile the list of materials needed to complete the project.  Obtain Property owner release form and agreement.  Return all forms to SCTB Offices.  We need evaluators in each city.

  7. PROJECT VOLUNTEER: Adopt a project from our website and come out on CareFest day to compete it!