CareFest FAQs

Project adoption FAQ

  1. Where do I go to adopt a project?
    • You will need to log on to
    • Click on the “Adopt a Project” link on the toolbar
    • Click on the your county and then your city 
    • Click on the “adopt this project” link listed under the project
    • Fill out form COMPLETELY for your adoption request
    • You will receive a confirmation email
  1. Who do I contact about a specific project?
    • Each project listed has a contact name and phone number, you contact the person listed under the specific project
  1. When do I know if my group has been able to adopt a project?
    • Once you have requested to adopt a project, an automatic email will be sent to your address with all the details for you to be successful.
    • Please contact our office if you have any questions or did not recieve this email.
  1. What do I do once we have adopted a project?
    • Once you have agreed to adopt a project your team is listed on the website under the specific project(s)
    • You will receive a follow up email with the information needed for your project
    • It is STRONGLY recommended you contact the family you have adopted and make a site visit so you are aware of what all of their needs are and the supplies you will need to complete the project
  1. Will we be responsible for materials, supplies, etc?
    • Yes, we do ask that if you adopt a project, if the family has not provided the materials, supplies or equipment that you will take on the expense; however,
    • SCTB does have equipment and supplies available to organizations while supplies last, for example, paint, brushes, rakes, trimmers, clippers, ladders, etc.; some of these items are to be returned after the project is completed and they might require a security deposit.