CareFest in Your City


WHY HAVE A CareFest®?

  • Engages the city as valued servants.
  • Bring about unity with a purpose among churches and the community at large (Acts 2:42).
  • Changes public opinion about the Church (love and service).
  • Create partnerships for long term transformation (see CareFest®  and beyond).
  • You win souls to the Kingdom.
  • You mobilize your church making them laborers rather than lay abouts (Matthew 9:38).
  • It is a "first taste" event where they come back wanting more.
  • It gives your church a vision for the community.
  • It gives your congregation a Kingdom mentality (something bigger than themselves).
  • It brings Isaiah 58 blessings.
  • It brings awareness to the needs and resources in the community.
  • It is being like Jesus (Acts 10:38).
  • Combining of resources enables us to do more together than apart.

The Long Term Impact and Benefits of CareFest®

While CareFest® is a project that officially lasts one week, its true impact and the benefits it provides go far beyond that week.  It is through this week of caring that lives and attitudes are truly changed.  By showing true compassion towards our cities we are able to impact the Tampa Bay area in the following long term and far reaching ways:

  • We create awareness in the community of the works of compassion that are being done all year long by local churches and ministries.
  • We connect people with churches and ministries to minister to their on-going physical and spiritual needs.
  • We connect cities, churches, businesses and ministries with resources, people, and finances for other long term work to be done together.  A prime example of this occurred in St. Petersburg last year.  Somebody Cares Tampa Bay, and our partner ministries in that city, are considered partners with the city government to adopt and help 10 neighborhoods in the Midtown section throughout the year.  We now, because of our connection with them through CareFest®, work with the city in providing such things as food and backpacks in those areas.
  • We bring back the credibility of the church to the minds of the unsaved as we show compassion to our communities.
  • We display in a very real and tangible way that the church is not here simply to build our own buildings and tithe for our purposes, but to be a blessing to our cities.
  • Many of our partner ministries and businesses in this project “adopt” the areas and households they ministered to during CareFest®  for the purposes of developing long term relationships and leading people to Christ through evangelism and neighborhood Bible studies.

Through CareFest® we can truly display our desire to live out Proverbs 1:11 to show that, “Through the blessing of the upright as city is exalted”.